Get Your Hand Off Devotional

5 Day Devotional

This five-day devotional will be taking a deeper dive into the sermon from this weekend, exploring the themes of trust, surrender, and the divine legacy we are part of. Let's embrace this journey together, learning to let go and let God work through our open hands.

Day 1

Judges 6:12 - The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.

As we step into our devotional, let's reflect on Gideon's encounter with God, a moment where an extraordinary call meets an ordinary man. Like Gideon, we often view ourselves through the lens of our limitations. Yet, God sees beyond our perceived smallness, addressing us as mighty warriors. Embracing this identity requires a radical trust in God's perspective over our own.
In today's culture, we're bombarded with messages that urge us to take control, to be the architects of our fate. But the story of Gideon teaches us the power of surrender. When we're willing to set aside our plans, God surprises us by doing the unimaginable through our simple obedience and trust.
  • Have I ever underestimated myself the way Gideon did?
  • What areas of my life need surrendering to embrace my God-given identity?
  • In what ways can I demonstrate trust in God's perspective today?
  • Pray for God’s vision to see ourselves and others as He does.
  • Ask for the courage to surrender our plans in favor of His divine purpose.

Day 2

Judges 7:2 - The LORD said to Gideon, "You have too many men..."

On the second day of our exploration, we consider God's perplexing command to Gideon to reduce his army. It's a divine directive that defies human logic, reflecting God's consistent theme of choosing the weak to confound the strong. Here, God is teaching Gideon and us a profound lesson about reliance. To depend solely on God's strength, we must be willing to let go of our numerical, financial, or strategic securities.
This stripping away does not leave us vulnerable but rather reveals the source of our true strength. Success and fulfillment are not in what we can count on or control but in what we commit to God's hands. As we face our battles, whether big or small, are we prepared to embrace God's strategy over our own?
  • What securities am I holding onto that may hinder my reliance on God?
  • How does letting go of control bring me closer to God’s strength?
  • Can I identify a moment where less proved to be more in God’s plan for me?
  • Pray for trust in God’s providence, especially in times of uncertainty.
  • Reflect on blessings from situations where you felt you had less.

Day 3

Judges 7:6 - Three hundred men lapped with their hands to their mouths...

Today, we delve into the significance of the 300 men who lapped water from their hands. This simple gesture holds profound implications for how we approach our lives in God's service. These men demonstrate vigilance and preparedness, mirroring how we are to live—alert and ready to respond to God's commands with the tools He equips us with, however unconventional they may seem.
The choosing of Gideon's band reveals a principle that it's not about the numerical strength or the weapons we bear but the posture of our hearts and hands before God. It is a stance of readiness and reliance that God honors and uses powerfully. How can we emulate the spirit of these 300 today?
  • What does being 'spiritually vigilant' look like in my day-to-day life?
  • In what ways can my hands serve as instruments of God's purpose?
  • Am I prepared to respond immediately to God’s call, even if it seems illogical?
  • Pray for an open heart and hands to respond to God’s will with readiness.
  • Seek the humility to serve with whatever God places in our hands.

Day 4

Judges 7:15 - When Gideon heard the dream and its interpretation, he bowed and worshiped.

Today, we consider Gideon’s response to gaining assurance of God's promise. He worships after overhearing the enemy's dream, which confirms the victory that awaits. Such spontaneous worship is an act of faith, fastening our hearts to God’s promises when we’re yet to see them materialize. It's embracing certainty in the victory because of whose we are, not because of who we are.
When we worship in faith, enveloped in God's assurance, we anchor ourselves in truths that transcend our environment. As we absorb the Word into our lives, we model Gideon's action by worshipping before the battle’s outcome is visible, by resting in the assurance that the battle is already won in the spiritual realm.
  • How can I incorporate more acts of faith-filled worship in my life?
  • What are God’s promises that I need to cling to through worship?
  • Can I recall a time when worship helped me to claim victory over a challenge?
  • Pray to experience God’s peace through worship, even before seeing His promises unfold.
  • Offer thanks for the unseen victories already secured in the spiritual realm.

Day 5

Judges 7:22 - When the three hundred trumpets sounded...

On our final day, we reflect on the crescendo of Gideon's story—the divine victory produced through obedience and faith. The sounding of trumpets becomes a prophetic act, releasing God’s power and causing confusion in the enemy's camp. It's a stark reminder of God's sovereign work that doesn't demand human might but divine intervention tied to our faithfulness.
Our lives are full of trumpet-blaring moments when our actions seem feeble in the face of vast challenges. Yet, these acts of faith resonate with God's ability to bring about a victorious outcome. How can we, like Gideon and his men, find the courage to lift our trumpets despite our fear, trusting God for victory?
  • What are the 'trumpets' in my life that I need to sound in faith?
  • How can I encourage others to trust in God's victory during their battles?
  • What fear must I overcome to act in faith and obedience?
  • Pray for boldness to act on God's instructions, even when they challenge our reasoning.
  • Invoke God's clarity and purpose when our vision of victory seems clouded.
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